Sunday, March 19, 2017

Southern C Summit Conference Review

 Hello there!

I know I have been a horrible blogger lately. Again, I apologize for my inconsistent schedule. It will get better, I promise! We are slowly moving along with the house but currently still living out of some boxes. Still painting, cleaning, steam-cleaning the carpet, etc. Never ends! Ha! I just want to be on a normal schedule. I don't have a routine down yet (I'm a very routine person so a disruption in it throws me off) so until we have completely settled down, things will still be chaotic for a bit. My mirrored dresser came last week but when we opened it, it was broken in several places. Sooo I had to order a replacement and that doesn't come until next week. Once that it is in, I will be a little more organized which will make me feel a little bit better. :)

So now that I updated you guys, I wanted to talk about the conference I attended in February. Before I begin, I will say that I originally wanted to attend the Alt Summit because I thought it would be a really good conference for me to attend as a beginner blogger. Sadly, the tickets went on sale and sold out before I could buy them. I didn't want to wait until 2018 to attend a conference so I searched for upcoming ones and found this one. The ticket price was a lot but I was dead set on attending a conference and the description of events and speakers seemed like it would benefit me.  The Southern C Summit is a 3-day conference limited to 250 attendees. It took place at The Cloister on Sea Island, Georgia. To say the place was beautiful would be an understatement. The details were incredible along with the views! However, even with the discount because of the conference, the hotel was pricey for me at the time, so I stayed at The Inn at Sea Island. It was nice but there weren't many amenities such as room service and there is no restaurant in the hotel. There are some restaurants within walking distance so I was at least happy about that.

 I was initally excited for some of the speakers such as Darcy Miller, author of Celebrate Everything!, Monica Lavin, Founder of Lavin Label, Fine-art photographer Gray Malin, and Nikki Bazzani, Creative Strategist for Pinterest. Monica and Nikki definitely had some great info that I could use in what I am doing and plan to do with my blog. Another speaker that I didn't know about but found very useful was James Nord, Co-Founder and CEO of Fohr Card.  There were a few workshops that you could attend if you wanted to pay extra. I chose "Standing Out-How to Make your Media Pitch Pop" with Brian Hoffman and Brooke Bell. It was informative and had some good points. There were many other seminars and lunches/dinners, and networking opportunities during cocktail parties. I will say that I was a little upset during the cocktail parties because there was nothing but alcohol. I don't drink much because 1) I'm picky about what I like and 2) alcohol can bother my stomach and I didn't want to feel sick during the party. So I couldn't get a soda or even water. If I wanted that I had to go all the way down to the other side of the hotel and buy a soda or water to drink at the bar of a restaurant. Not for nothing but not everyone likes to drink and on top of that what if I or someone else was pregnant? I feel water should have been served along with the alcohol.

So here's my personal opinion: while overall I think the conference was nice and I learned a little bit and met some very nice people, I felt that the conference was more for people who sell something. I didn't meet one blogger who does what I do. There could have been one there but I didn't meet her. There was an abundance of interior designers, artists, and jewelry designers. So I guess I was a little disappointed that I didn't get more of what I wanted out of the conference especially paying what I paid. When I got back I actually compared my agenda for the conference compared to the agenda for the Alt Summit conference. Probably shouldn't have done that because it just made me more upset and po'd and I'll tell ya why.

First, did I mention that after the Alt Summit sold out, I got put on a waiting list just in case someone backed out and I could attend before I found another conference? So I had booked the Southern C Summit at the end of October and got an email in December or I think the beginning of January that a space opened up for the Alt Summit. Ugghhh! <Insert angry face emoji> Being that I had already booked my flight, hotel, and purchased the conference ticket nor did I have the extra money or vacay time from work to attend both, I had no choice but to decline! So yeah, pretty upset. Anyways, here are the reasons why I was more upset. The Alt Summit was not only an extra day longer but the ticket was cheaper than mine. $255 LESS than what I paid! And I thought the schedule was more in depth  and had a lot more of seminars that I needed and wanted to take and pertained more to what I do with this blog. If you go to the links I provided you can go to the agenda/schedule tabs and see the difference. It may not seem like a lot of reasons but for me the price and what is offered makes a huge difference for me.

So I try to look at it this way. It was a learning experience. I took what I could out of it. I'm not saying the conference was bad in any way, just that it wasn't what I thought in terms of MY expectations and what I need or am looking for. I still got to meet nice people, eat some great food, and got a nice grab bag full of stuff!

Scroll down to see some pics!

This is the back view of The Cloister

Inside The Cloister
Love fireplaces!

I have a thing for lights--look at the design of this! Love it!

Had these AMAZING nachos at the River Bar inside the hotel
I will surly miss eating these!
The nicest waiters/waitresses I have ever had! 

Some of our seminars/parties were here at the Sea Island Beach Club
It's a short walk from The Cloister 

Look at that view! 

 The grab bags that everyone got! They weighed a ton!!

This was at one of the luches we had. 
That's a dish towel we got to keep! It's so cute! 

One night there was a party and as you can see...Kendra Scott jewelry! 

Each person that came could take a box and there was either jewelry or a gift card in there.
 I got a $150 gift card!! One of my fave things of this conference! Love Kendra Scott jewelry! 
(It was a little dark in there--sorry--I tried to lighten up the pics as far as I could)

Dying over this chandelier! It had a disco ball inside of it that turned! 
It was gorgeous! 

Let me know if you guys have been to this conference or any others! What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading!!


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Morning Lavender Dress

Hi guys! So sorry I haven't posted in a week. If you read my last post, you will know that I moved in with my boyfriend last Wednesday. It has been crazy trying to pack/unpack and organize. Not to mention that we are fixing up the house at the same time and working full time. I'm still living out of boxes! Ahhh!! Hopefully in the next month or so things will be a little more settled. There is never enough hours in a day to get things done! My goal is to at least get one post out per week until things calm down a bit and then I can do more. I appreciate everyone stopping by to read this and patiently waiting for my next posts! 

Moving on to the dress now! It is from Morning Lavender which I am obsessed with! If you have not visited this site, please go now! Their clothing is so beautiful and reasonanbly priced. Sadly, I don't see this dress on the site anymore but have linked similar options below. Also, I should note that in person this dress is actually more of a burgundy but looks more red in these pictures because of the lighting. I wore this dress out to dinner on Valentine's Day and I thought it was perfect! Even though it is off-the-shoulder (which is my fave part) the material is thick so it still kept me warm. I love the length and fit of it. I also love the fact that it has long sleeves for winter! Anyone else not fond of winter dresses that have short sleeves?? Winter is cold and I need to stay warm! You can dress this up even more by wearing heels but I wanted a little more easy-going look so I went with the grey boots.  A cute little leather or suede jacket would look amazing with this too!

Dress ~ Morning Lavender ~ similar here and here  and here

Boots ~ DSW

Bag ~ Inzi ~ similar here 

Sunglasses ~ Ray-Ban

Hope you guys have a terrific week!


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Night Time Face Products

Hello ladies! So sorry I've been MIA. Since I got back from GA, my schedule has been off and I'm trying to get back on track in catching up on things. I'm also preparing to move in with my boyfriend this week or next! Yay!! :) So now begins the great fun of packing. It will definitely be a crazy few weeks but once I'm settled and can develop a routine, I will be aiming for more than the one post a week I've been doing. I have been writing down some ideas for posts so I am really excited to work on those in the new few months! So please bare with me in the next 2-4 weeks. :)

Now that I got ya caught up...let's talk about the face products I use at night. The pictures are what I am currently using minus one or two. I also mix it up when I get samples from Sephora. 

The first step I do is remove my eye makeup with the oil-free eye makeup remove by up&up. I have tried several brands from high-end to drugstore and find that this one works pretty good for me so far. My issue is trying to find one that takes off my mascara. I don't even use waterproof and still find that there is always residue left. The one I'm using is the closest thing so far that works.

Next, I use a makeup wipe to get most of my makeup off before I cleanse. I like to use these wipes by Ology. My skin is senstive and I don't like products that are very fragrant. These are hypoallergenic and fragrance free and they don't irritate my skin. 

After that, I then wash my face. I am currently using the Purifying Face Cleanser with Probiotic Technology by Tula. I tried this after I saw it on another blogger's site. I really like and have been using it for a few months now. Another favorite cleanser of mine is the Clear Complexion Cleanser by Boscia. I'm still getting breakouts even now in my 30s so I think this one works very well too. I will also swap in some samples of different cleansers to see what other options there are. 

For eye cream I am currently using Plantscription Anti-Aging Eye Treatment by Origins. I like this product because it doesn't burn underneath my eyes as I've had some do. It also has a list of things that it doesn't contain such as parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, and more. Again, I will also try out a sample I get to see what else it out there. Another eye cream that I have used in the past and will use again is the Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream by Estee Lauder. As I approach my mid-30s (ahhh!) I need something that will help with the signs of aging. This cream fights dark circles and fine lines which is what I look for.

While we are on the subject of eyes, I had started using about a month ago, the Enhancements Lash Boost from Roden + Fields. For best results it says to use for 8 weeks. Since I've only used it for about 4, I don't want to say whether I like it or not yet. I will have to get back to ya on that. 

Another new product I started using is the Dr. Brant Skincare needles no more 3-D LIP PLUMPfix. It has one part for am which is the plumping and the other part is for pm which is the moisturizing. I like this product so far. I haven't used it consistently every night and day. I sometimes forget but I also want to same the am part on the weekends or when I go somewhere and want my lips to look a little bigger. Ha!

For serums/moisturizers after cleansing I have been trying a lot of different ones. I have a few faves so far. The first one is Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil by Drunk Elephant. I love this stuff! A lot of oils leave a greasy feel to your skin, but this one doesn't which is why I'm obsessed! Another bonus for me is that it's natural and fragrance free! If you stop in Sephora, you must ask for a sample of this to try! Another product I loved is the Indigo Soothing Triple Recovery Cream by Tatcha. I know the price is steep but if you read all the benefits---so many to list here---it's worth the price. Plus a little goes a long way. Again, go in Sephora and ask for a sample of it before buying. And throwing in one more fave which is the Pure Truth Vitamin C Youth Activating Oil by Ole Henriksen. OMG! This stuff not only smells amaaaazzing but it is great for dry skin which I defnitely have. It really does leave a glow on my face and don't we all need that?! 

And the last product you see in the pics above is the No7 Beautiful Skin Refreshing Toner. I acutally use this on my neck, chest, and back. I do this to get any residue left over and because I tend to break out sometimes on the chest/back region. I like this toner because it doesn't dry your skin out and of course it's fragrance free! 

What are some of your favorite products?

Thanks for reading!!


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Grey Boots

Hello girls! Happy Valentine's Day! So I am back from my conference and will do a review post on that next week. I wanted to do a quick post on these gorgeous boots from DSW

I have a few pairs of grey heels and booties but not an acutal boot. I saw these and loved the suede and how they hit at the mid calf. They go with just about anything...jeans, skirts, dresses! I'm acutally wearing them with a dress today! (You'll see that look soon!)

Boots ~ DSW

Sweater ~ H&M ~ similar here  ~ love this one!

Scarf ~ H&M ~ similar here  and here 

Bag ~ DSW ~ similar here  and here 

Have a wonderful day!!


Monday, January 30, 2017

Valentines Gift Guide

Hello lovlies! It's getting to be that time! We're about two weeks away from Valentine's Day and I put together a gift guide list. Some of these I have and some are on my wish list!! I wanted to get this out as soon as possible as next week I will be away in GA at the Southern C Summit Conference! So very excited! As I said in my last post, I will post a review of the conference when I get back. So, now on to the post....

1. AG Velvet Corduroy Legging ~ I have these and love them! These would look perfect for a VDay date night with a black or white sweater and heels! The color is so pretty and I think they make the behind look pretty darn good! Ha! Just saying...But I seriously love these and if this color isn't your thing they have a few more to choose from. Sign up for their newsletter and you get 10% off! 

2. Alex & Ani Red Heart of Strength Charm Bangle ~ This is so cute! I have a lot of bracelets from them in both silver and gold and this one has now been added to my list of ones to get! Also, with the purchase of this bracelet Alex & Ani will contribute 20% of the purchase price to Global Fund to fight AIDS. 

3. Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Nude Lip ~ I am a huge fan of Sephora! VIB Rouge member speaking here! LOL This gift is so adorable in the package it comes in and you can't go wrong with lip products in a nude color! It will work for anyone you give this to. Not to mention that it's an $88 value selling for $28!!! You can't beat that price! 

4. BCBGeneration Pailie Pump from DSW ~ How gorgeous are these burgundy suede heels?! I seriously need to get these! I have a few pairs of shoes by this brand and they never disappoint. You could pair these with the AG pants from #1 with a white top and you got yourself a hot little outfit! And they are under a $100! 

5. Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Mat ~ I heard nothing but good things from this product so I ordered it and just got it in. I haven't tried it yet but I think it will be a winner! It has different textures to meet your cleaning needs and has the suction cups on the back so you can stick it in your sink when cleaning your brushes. Only $25!!  

6. Diamonds Open Ring from Mejuri ~ I want so many things from here including this ring! How simple yet gorgeous is it?! I saw another blogger wearing jewelry from this line and fell in love! So many things too choose from! They have free shipping on orders over $100 and 30 days free returns. You can even get a gift card throught the site which I think is such a great idea! 

7. UGG Oversize Knit Blanket ~ Who couldn't use a gorgeous blanket like this? Especially on those cold winter nights. You can snuggle up on the couch with a good book and this blanket and you are good to go! This is definitely an investment gift but how beautiful would this look in your home?! Not to mention the other two gorgeous colors it comes in. Any color you pick would be perfect! 

8. diptyque Vanille Scented Candle ~ I think candles are such a great gift! I know people can be picky with scents..I know I am...but I don't think you can go wrong with a scent that has vanilla in it! To me it's a pretty safe way to go when you're not sure what the person likes. I'm also loving the glass and label--so pretty! I would keep that and put makup brushes in it after the candle is all gone!

9. 'Bella' Blush Pink Wide Ribbed Scarf ~ I'm loving all things blush pink and this scarf is too pretty to pass up! It does come in three other beautiful colors but this pink is perfect for Valentine's Day not to mention taking you right into the Spring season. It's also on sale for $24.99! This is on my wish list! 

10. Kate Spade Stripe Slim Battery Bank ~ This is such a great gift because everyone needs a portable charger nowadays. Once I started blogging and was on social media all the time, I knew I had to get one. The design on this is so chic! I love it! It's $60 and you get 15% off when you join their mailing list. 

11. T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand ~ So I have been seeing this all over and everyone is raving about it! I want it so bad! This is definitely at the top of my wish list! If you haven't noticed from my pictures, I have naturally straight hair. I prefer curly hair (don't we all want the opposite!) but my hair can be a pain and not hold a curl sometimes. This wand I heard is fantastic! It's a $355 value selling for $270! Get it now before it sells out!! 

12. Delsey Chatelet Plus Hardside Spinner Suitcase ~ I have never been so obsessed with a product before! I saw this luggage on another blogger's site and immediately fell in love! I literally obsessed over it until it went on sale and got the carry-on first. Then around Thanksgiving they had a huge sale on this luggage again and I got the 28" and could not be happier. I love that I can roll it along side me and I love that it's so pretty! I know...I just can't help it! And no, I am not being paid by any of these brands, I just really love this. Maybe because I never actually had a good set of luggage before. Now for the best part.....this line is on sale!!! Check it out on the link! Sale ends 2/20/17. 

13. Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. Crossbody ~ Another item on my wish list is this gorgeous bag! I've had my eye on this one for awhile. The color is Lilac Rose and it's under $200! You can never have enough bags, am I right? I don't have this color so that's my justification! Ha! Also, when you join their mailing list you get 15% off! 

Hope you enjoyed this list!

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

An H&M kind of day.....

Hello ladies! Hope this week is off to a good start for ya! I am so excited that in two weeks from today I will be in Georgia attending The Southern C Summit! It is my first conference and I'm hoping to learn a lot so that when I get back this little blog of mine can start growing. I will do a review of the conference and hotel on the blog when I get back. 

Now on to the outfit! The sweater, jacket, and scarf are all from H&M. The sweater is a light green which I know is a little hard to tell in the light. The weather was not the greatest that day. I bought all in the store about two weeks ago and while the sweater is still available online, I cannot find the jacket in green or scarf which makes me so mad! It has only been two weeks!!!! Perhaps they are still available in store but online they only have the jacket available in grey or black and both are on sale for under $20. I apologize! I really hate when I can't link the exact item for you guys. 

So I have been sweater crazy this season and while I do prefer tops that are on the longer side, I've been drawn lately to more of a crop style. At least in my eyes this is like a will not see me in a top above my belly button unless of course it's summer and I'm on the beach! Ha! I wasn't sure how I was going to like the "puffier" sleeves but I think it works since the sweater is short. I'm a jeans kinda gal so I think it works well especially with some kind of heel to make you look longer. I feel that clothes that are "puffier" can tend to make you look least for I like to make sure I'm in some kind of heel so that I look taller and leaner. I'm 5'5 1/2 ....(yes I included the half-lol) in case anyone was wondering my height for reference reasons. I also think this sweater would look so cute with a pencil skirt. Am I right?? :) The blush pink scarf has been my fave lately. I love that I can just throw it on and not have to worry about wrapping it. And for the coat...well it's naturally I had to have it. I spotted it and just loved the color. I had to try it on for a bit because I wasn't sure about the style as it is one I normally don't wear. But this year has been a first for many things so I decided to give it a try and I'm glad I did. It's easy to throw on and looks super cute with just about anything. 

Sweater ~ H&M Under $30 and comes in 3 other colors!! 

Coat ~ H&M ~ in either grey or black and very similar green one here (on sale for under $40!)

Scarf ~ H&M ~ similar here

Jeans ~ Paige

Booties ~ DSW

Bag ~ Inzi ~ similar here