Thursday, July 27, 2017


Hi guys! So I'm guessing you are wondering why I've been MIA. I apolgize it's been awhile. This is the longest I've gone since I started blogging. So if you are not aware already, I wear contacts basically everday and my glasses only once in awhile. I've been having some eye problems in the last year but a few weeks ago it was the worst that it's been. My eyes were very inflamed. They were sensitive to light and it was hard to read, watch TV, and go on the computer. For those who don't know, I work full time as a credit analyst and I'm on the computer all day long. In addition, I love reading books and magazines and then I'm also working on my blog. It's pretty safe to say that I strain my eyes a lot. I went to the doctor and had to be put on special drops and wear my glasses for 2 weeks (no contacts). Has anyone else had these problems? I would love to hear your comments if you have. In that time, I decided to give my eyes a break and not blog. I also didn't read as much. I can finally start to wear my contacts again on Friday--yay!! Now that you are up to date, let's move on to today's post!

Montauk! I think everyone has heard of this town at least once in their life or have at least been. I'm pretty embarrased to admit that I have lived on Long Island my whole life and this was my first time going to Montauk (at age 34 btw). Even though it is on the South Fork and I live on the North Fork, it's not that far away. I live in Greenport right now and I can take the ferry over to Shelter Island and from there take another ferry over to Sag Harbor (these ferries are about a 10 min ride) and then it's about a half hour drive. If I drove all the way around, it would take more than an hour, especially in the summer traffic.

So I wish I could say that my boyfriend and I had a whole day or weekend planned out for Montauk and I could give you a whole list of places to try out of restaurants and shops, but that is not the case in this story. Summer is the busy season for my boyfriend who owns a seafood store in Greenport. He mostly works seven days a week so we don't do too much together until night time. In addition to having the store, he also does farmers markets and he had planned on doing the one in Montauk this summer. He wanted to go check on the location of where it would be held so we thought we could go over and spend a little time over there.

Montauk Point Lighthouse was one of the places we wanted to go to. We went all the way to the top and the view as you can see was gorgeous! It was a little scary walking up though because the spiral stairs are open meaning you can see below all the way down as you go up and I have such a fear that I was going to fall through! Then on top of that the railing on one side is a rope and the stairs are so narrow and you have to give people coming down the right of way. So when they come down you have to move over to your right side which there is no wall. Holy crap--I still get shivers thinking about it. I was holding onto my boyfriend for dear life and he had to keep my calm so that I wouldn't get a panic attack (yes, I get them sometimes--that will be a whole other post to get into!). But once we made it to the top, I was fine and the view made it worth it! BTW--going down the stairs was a lot easier! You can't see in my pictures, but there was a wedding ceremony going on outside the lighthouse so I was able to watch for a bit. What a beautiful place to have it at!

We also went to Gosmans to have lunch and go to a couple stores. You can see from the pictures, it's like this little town where they have a bunch of shops and restaurants. It's very cute. We went into some stores to get things for our house and we wanted everything! We said we would have to come back at a later time to get more stuff. We ate at Gosmans Restaurant (there are other Gosmans places to eat at--see the link). To be honest, we didn't think the food was that good and it was expensive for what we got which was fried calamari and burgers. The calamari wasn't that cripsy and very chewy. The burgers were not cooked to how we ordered them and the fries tasted like fish. The place is definitely beautiful and I think a good time to hang out at, but not to eat. I think you are basically paying for the name.

Has anyone else been to Montauk? What places have you gone to and suggest? Leave me a comment!

As for what I am wearing--the top is from Morning Lavender but has sold out. So sorry! I've linked similar styles here, here, and here.

Thanks so much for reading!