Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Carlisle 2017 & Life Update

Uncle's truck

Apparently my self-tanner did not work as much as I thought it did! Please ignore my pale legs! 

I am a huge fan of Def Leppard-I have seen them 3 times so far!

That is my uncle's name on the plate

Hi guys! It's been awhile since my last post. So much has been going on. I feel like I have hardly been home-just enough to eat dinner and sleep and then wake up and go to work and do it all again. Nate and I were away twice in August. The first vacay was for four days in Carlisle, PA for the Carlisle All-Truck Nationals. These pictures on today's post are from there. If you have read prior posts, you will know that I love trucks and cars and that my uncle has several tractor-trailer trucks.  I know that not all girls are into that, but it's what makes and I love it. The show starts on a Friday and goes until Sunday. People bring their pickups and tractor-trailers. Some are working trucks and others are for show. My uncle has at least one truck he brings to the show each year. If you are into this sort of thing, it's a lot of fun. You walk around (a lot) and see all the different trucks. We hang out and BBQ with friends. It's definitely an all day thing. This year they had a pet adoption in one of the buildings and they were all so adorable. One almost came home with us but we want to rip out the carpet in our house first and put wood floors down. Last year they had more vendors for girls than this year but the seeing the dogs made up for it! Ha! I don't think we will be going next year just because our wedding would be the week after and it would be too hectic. I guess the following year we will try to go! 

Then our second vacay was for three days up in Portland, Maine. Nate's birthday was July 28 but I took him in August to the Lobster Boat races. He's always wanted to go so I thought it would be a great gift for his 30th birthday! We stayed in a cute B&B and enjoyed walking around to all the little shops and restaurants in Portland. 

The rest of August was busy with a bridal expo and lots of appointments meeting with vendors and I am happy to say we booked a venue! Our date is August 11, 2018. Now comes the fun part meeting with all the other vendors! This month we were suppose to go to Disney with my mom from September 10 through the 17th. As you all know Hurricane Irma hit so we had to cancel our trip. Hope everyone was stayed safe down there! Instead Nate and I are going to another truck show this weekend in NJ. Then my mom and I are going into the city (NYC) Monday-Wednesday. I'm so excited! We will be seeing a play or two. My mom wants to see Aladdin (she saw it once and loved it!) and I want to see Phantom of the Opera. Has anyone seen any of these? What are your thoughts? Also, any good places to eat? We are staying at the Wyndham located on 45th Street and 3rd Avenue.

Graphic Tee ~ Forever 21 

Shorts ~ Express 

Please let me know any questions or thoughts!

Thanks for reading!!