Sunday, December 31, 2017

Velvet with an Update

These were taken when we first got there and the sun was still bright. I love how it changes my hair color! 

 He doesn't like to smile in photos. lol Anyone else have this problem with their s/o?

So I know the above photo has mine and my aunt's vehicles in it, but I just like this photo.

This was in the end when we were running out of daylight, but I like that they are kind of dark. 

Hi guys! So I know that it has been super long since I've posted anything and I apolgize so very much. Long story short--wedding planning! It took over everything! Between working, researching, meeting, cleaning, cooking, etc. it just left me not enough time. I was already getting between 4-5 hours of sleep so blogging took a back burner for awhile. I am happy to say that all our vendors are booked! I think that was the hard part. I don't have a wedding planner so I was researching all the vendors that we needed and then narrowed it down to about 3-4. Then we had to go meet with them and because we live far away from almost every vendor, it was a lot of late nights after work and a lot of our weekends. 

We haven't really run into any issues besides my dress place. I will talk about that after the wedding is over. I feel like I didn't get to enjoy this Christmas as I usually do or at least until this very weekend because of all the rushing around. I did mail out our save the dates this month. Look for my instagram post this week on a sneak peak of them! We are still slowly fixing the house up. We got a new washer and painted the laundry room! Yay! lol I think the next thing we are doing is ripping up the carpet and putting down floors. I'm definitely excited about that--I can't stand carpet. Anyone else feel the same?

So the photos above were taken because I originally wanted to do a Christmas card this year dressed up because I really loved this green velvet dress from Lulus. When I saw it, I had to have it! I've been looking for a velvet dress in green (my fave color) for such a long time, but green was actually hard to find before this year. Either no one had anything in that color or it sold out quick. Then this fall/winter it was like green was everywhere! I am loving it! Lulus acutally has a lot of different style green velvet dresses to choose from. I would definitely go check it out. And if green is not your color, they have others to choose from like navy and burgundy. 

So we took these photos and in more than half of them (my aunt took at least 200) my wonderful loving fiance did not smile in them! Ugh! lol He does not like to smile in photos even though he has no reason not to (i.e. his teeth are fine). There were so many photos that I loved but couldn't use. Anyway, time got away from me and we ended up not doing a card this year but at least I have these pictures to look back on. 

I'm definitely excited about 2018. Anyone else ready to start a new year? Lots of exciting things will be happening this year. If anyone has any questions about anything, please let me know! Would love to hear from you!

Dress ~ Lulus 

Photos were taken at The Old Field Vineyards 

Happy New Year!!