Saturday, April 30, 2016

Black & Blue

Hello friends!
Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! and to be honest....years ago I wasn't totally sold on that color combo, but now...totally different story. I guess for me it would depend on what shade of blue. Being that this is a darker blue which I tend to like better and that it already had the black beading on it, I decided I liked it much better when I wore black jeans versus blue jeans. I added the black jacket that also had beading and loved the whole effect. What is your favorite color combo?

Jeans ~ old ~ Citizens of Humanity ~ size 29 ~ similar here and here
These are old and a different brand than I usually wear so the size 29 could be for that reason plus I think I was 10 pounds heavier at the time that I bought these. Usually I'm a 27 in jeans.

Tank ~ old from last summer ~ Express ~ size XS (ran a little bigger) ~ similar here on sale!

Jacket ~ old last year ~ C. Luce ~ size small ~ bought from Apricot Lane Boutique in NC
I love this jacket! I saw it and immediately knew I had to buy it. The pattern and the beading is so unique. I believe this was the last one. The small fits okay, but I can only wear tanks with it as it is tight in the arm area and anything with sleeves would be too tight and would bunch up. I probably could go up to a medium but not sure how the rest would have fit, but I am still glad I got to have this jacket. My mom had a jacket similar to this in the early 90s so it reminds me of that time period.

Shoes ~ old ~Tahari ~ size 7.5 ~ DSW ~ similar here

Bag ~ old ~ Michael Kors ~ similar here

Necklace ~ really old-don't even remember where I got it from ~ really like this one

Thanks for reading!!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Rainy Days

Hello ladies!

So I have been searching for months for a rain jacket. I had my heart set on a green one but it seems they are very hard to find. I found a few pics on Pinterest but they turned out to be a few years old so that didn't help. I searched every major store and any others I could think of that sold rain coats. When I found these green rain boots that I had to have, I decided to search for a different color jacket. I finally found a jacket I liked and they style was what I was looking for. I went with the navy as I felt it would go with most other colors and just a little different than the usual black.

Rain boots ~ Hunter Boots ~ size 8 ( they don't have half sizes so I went up to 8)

Rain jacket ~ LLBean ~ size small

Jeans ~ Paige Denim ~ size 27 ~ similar here

T-Shirt ~ J. Crew ~ size small ~ old ~ similar here

Goodnight all!

~ Michelle

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Into the Woods

Happy Wednesday!
So sometimes every couple years I put on a fancy dress and do some shoots in different locations. I like to look back and see what I looked like and how I've changed and just to remember that time period in my life. I know when one day when I'm really old, I'll appreciate having these pictures. I really love photographs that are taking in some type of nature setting. I saw on Pinterest lots of photos with girls in beautiful dresses in forest/woods settings and loved them. So I thought why not try this and see how they come out. Does anyone else do this? Let me know!

Dress ~ Monaco ~ size small ~ Bought from Bella at Smith Haven Mall in December for $80!!

Searched for dresses like this but very hard to find exactly the same but I did find this one which is I think dramatic but could be a little pricey for some, this one which is only $32 people!!! You could totally add jewelry to dress this up! And....completely in love with this one but I believe it's considered a bridesmaid dress or even a bride dress in the other colors but hey, in black, who cares, right? But just a is expensive.

As you can see I like fitted dresses. I'm not much for a flowy type dress unless it's casual. Long, fitted, and maybe even a little on the dramatic side is my type. What kind of dresses do you all like? Leave me comments!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Neon Pink

Hello ladies! Monday is over....thank goodness! Four more days until the weekend!

So I love neon stuff. It reminds me of the 80s and when I was little. I don't wear it a lot because I'm fair skinned as I think neon looks a little better when you have darker skin. I am on the hunt though for a neon green top. Green is my favorite color and I would love to pair it with black as I did here with the pink. I think black just makes neons pop more. This T-shirt was from Target at a great price! I usually go there for tanks and simple tees. There are so many colors to choose from and I like the way they fit. 

I am also loving the lace up heels trend that is going on right now! I just got these and they are perfect. Don't mind the dark toenail polish in the pic...changing it to a more springy color this week.

As you can see I used a clutch in some pics and regular bag in others. I wanted to show that you can wear this out and about or dress it up a little more with the clutch for a night out.

Jeans ~ Paige Denim ~ Bought from Bevello ~ size 27 ~ style: Verdugo Ultra Skinny ~
similar here and on sale for $94!!

T-Shirt ~ Merona~ bought from Target in store but can also get online Target ~ size small-it does seem to run on the bigger side but I was fine with that

Blazer ~ Lucy & Co. ~ bought from Bevello awhile ago ~ size small~ similar here and here

Shoes ~ Aldo ~ size 7 (seems they run big-I'm usually a 7.5)

Ring ~ Michael Kors ~ bought at Christmas time ~ hard to find similar but I like this one

Bag ~ Michael Kors ~ old ~ similar here

Necklace ~ old ~ I do like this one and this one - only $13!!

Clutch ~ old~ I would say that you can wear any kind of black clutch and it would go~ DSW has some great ones

Okay, it's midnight now....think I need to get some sleep for work tomorrow!
Goodnight girls!