Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Kendra Scott Jewelry

Hi guys! So sorry I've been MIA. I was sick twice this month and it took a lot out of me and I decided that I just needed to rest and not do anything so I could get better. I was sick my birthday weekend and then Memorial Day weekend. The two weekends out of the month that I didn't want to be sick for--figures right? On the other hand, the weather for both of those weekends was crappy so I guess I didn't miss too much. With that said, I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! 

On today's post, I'm showing off my Kendra Scott jewelry. I absolutely love her stuff! Everything is so beautiful and reasonably priced. I had a gift certificate so I ordered the bracelet, necklace, and travel case even though I wanted everything. Ha!

 I love this Elaina adjustable chain bracelet because it not only comes in so many colors (14 to be exact!) to choose from and is sparkly, but it's easy to put on and adjust by myself. It can be a pain sometimes to put on a bracelet by yourself that has a clasp. Plus I have small wrists so I can tighten this so I can wear it comfortably. I went with the pink because I don't have a lot of pink jewelry and being that I am obsessing over this color lately in my wardrobe, I had to get it! Next up, is the Whitlee Pendant necklace. I ordered the gold because I have so much silver already and needed to add some more gold pieces. It also comes in rose gold and antique brass. I love how it's dainty and has that simple curve in it that makes it different.  Moving on to the travel case. Unfortunately they will not be selling the jewelry organizers anymore as I called and spoke with a representative. I have searched online and found one on Nordstrom and that is out of stock! Everyone must be traveling and in dire need of travel cases! Here is the link for the Nordstrom one just in case in comes back in stock. It's a bigger one than I have in the photos and it comes in a pretty green color. Below I have listed similar items. So sorry! I really hate when that happens.

Bracelet ~ Elaina Adjustable Chain Bracelet ~ also love this one!

Necklace ~ Whitlee Pendant Necklace ~ love this one, this one, and obsessed with this!

Jewlery Organizer ~ no longer availabe ~ similar here and here! (may have to get this one too! So pretty!!)

Thank you so much for reading!


Sunday, May 14, 2017

34 Things

Hello all! So I normally don't post on the weekends but thought since today is my birthday (and my moms) I would share 34 (the age I turned today) things you may not know about me.

1. I grew up as an only child--my mom had my half-brother when I was 17.

2. I was born on my mom's 20th birthday.

3. I love ice cream--I have it almost every day!

4. I don't like coffee.

5. I hate flying and have to take something when I do--but I don't let it stop me from traveling! 

6. I have two degrees--one in business and the other in court reporting.

7. I love dogs--preferably big ones like mastiffs. :)

8. I have had horrible allergies my whole life and have to get shots.

9. I love trucks (pickups and tractor-trailers) and cars (hot rods only).

10. I'm a natural brunette but have been coloring it red (which I love) for the past two years--people I meet think it's my natural color (when my roots don't show-lol).

11. I have never lived anywhere else but Long Island and never more than a half hour away from my home town.

12. I love walking on the beach and collecting beach glass.

13. I love to read and have probably over a 100 books.

14. I still have my Barbie dolls from when I was little--I saved them for when I have a girl. 

15. From ages 15 to 20 I worked as a waitress on roller skates at a 50s restaurant--I still have my uniform and skates--it was my favorite job!

16. I love grape soda! Reminds me of Dimetapp when I was little--I know that sounds weird--lol

17. I had my own pony when I was little and my own horse when I was 20--both for short periods of time due to allergies and also because I wasn't as into it as my mom and aunt were--I'd rather have a hot rod!

18. My dad lives in NC and worked for NASCAR for years on pit crews.

19. I love having long hair rather than short hair.

20. My boyfriend and I were friends for 10 years prior to dating.

21. I love all kinds of music but my faves are country, 50s, and 80s.

22. I've never broken any bones--only fractured a pinky finger after closing it in my car door when I was 21.

23. My first car when I was 16 was a teal 1992 RS Camaro with T-tops. I still miss that car!

24. My biggeest fear are spiders. I will start sweating and hyperventilating if I have to try and kill it myself when no one is around.

25. I make lists for everything! I'm list obsessed!

26. I love shopping for clothes-duh!

27. So far...I know that I am Polish, Italian, Swedish, and German--don't know the percentages though.

28. I love to dance.

29. I hate exercising but I do love walking, dancing, and riding my bike.

30. My favorite color is green.

31. My favorite flowers are hydrangeas-preferably the purple and blue ones.

32. I love the smell of cut grass!

33. I have to wear contacts or glasses to see distance. My eyes are horrible!

34. Would love to be on Dancing with the Stars or Wheel of Fortune. 

Would love to hear your thoughts! Share something about yourself in the comments below!! 

Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading!!


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Create & Cultivate Conference

Hi guys! Hope you all had a great weekend! On Saturday I attended the Create & Cultivate conference in NYC and thought I would share a review on it today. First off, since I started my blog I have always been on the lookout for a conference to attend. If you've been following me, you know that I wanted to attend the Alt Summit but it got sold out. I then found another conference I attended in February which wasn't what I had in mind. Here is the review from that one. Then a couple months ago I saw on the site of one of the bloggers I follow that she spoke at a Create & Cultivate conference in Florida. I checked it out and saw that they were having another conference in NYC in May. I was beyond excited! 

This definitely met my expectations in terms of the kind of conference I wanted to attend. It had everything to do with blogging/entrepreneurship.  When I signed up I had the choice of choosing the GA (general admission) ticket or a VIP ticket. I couldn't afford the VIP at this time so obviously had to pick the GA. Once the event got closer you were mailed a box with your badge, a pin, notebook, pen, and your track (schedule). If I had gone with the VIP, I would have been able to pick which track I wanted.

I ended up with Track 1 which is good because it had a focus on creating content and getting yourself out there in terms of blogging. Track 2 was more for established bloggers. My schedule was jammed pack from 8am to 8pm. There were tons of things to do and see. I actually couldn't fit it all in! There were so many speakers that I was excited to hear such as Andi Dorfman, Helena Glazer from the Brooklyn Blonde, and Kat Tanita from With Love From Kat. There were pop-up shops such as French Connection and Kopari which I received awesome samples from. Kendra Scott herself was also there along with an airstream of some of her most beautiful jewelry and also new home decor. I can't forget about Birchbox where you can make your own box with five samples to bring home! I was ecstatic about that part!

I also have to mention that the Laura Mercier team was there touching up your makeup before you get a new headshot. If you've never tried her makeup, you are missing out! I have been using several products of hers for years and just added some new samples I got as a gift. And what headshot wouldn't be complete without getting your hair done?! Yes, that's right--attendees were able to get their hair done by beGlammed. I would share my headshot on here but unfortunately it's still not up on the site where they are being displayed. :(

I had the best time at this conference and can't wait to attend another one. The gift bag I received at the end of the night was amazing! There was jewelry, makeup, and skin products plus a ton of coupons! They surly did not disappoint. I cannot wait to try everything!

Below are some photos I took. I did not bring my camera so these shots are off my phone so please the excuse the lighting and messy angles. Ha! 

How gorgeous is this necklace!! I want it! 

Andi Dorfman speaking! :)

Love all the pretty colors! 

Love Papyrus! I buy their cards all the time! 

Love how this was decorated! So pretty!

I will take all please! 

This was so cute with the candy mixed in! 

If you have any questions about the conference, let me know in the comments! 

Hope you all have a wonderful day! 

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Birthday Wish List

Hello gorgeous girls! Hope you all are having a great week! I'm so excited for Saturday as I will be going to the Create & Cultivate conference in NYC! The schedule is jammed pack with lots of speakers and many pop-up shops. I will be doing a review of the conference soon after. Being that my birthday is coming up, I am sharing some things that are on my wish list. Do you have a wish list? What is on it? I wanna know!!

T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand ~ I have been seeing this everywhere and the reviews have been amazing! Some of the bloggers I follow are using this and their hair looks gorgeous! I love that you can change the barrels to create different looks. To top it off the color of it is beautiful! I love white anything--I think it just looks so classy and elegant. The price is a little steep but if it makes your hair perfect, then it's well worth the price. 

Caudalie Favorites Set ~ I heard such great things about this brand and I'm dying to try the products especially the Beauty Elixir! You get five travel size products in a cute little pouch for $39! That's less than $8 a product! 

Peter Thomas Roth Mask-A-Holic 6-Piece Kit ~ I want this kit so bad! You get five masks plus an applicator all for $75! The value on this is $230!! I really want to try the 24k Gold Mask! 

Mia 1 Skin Cleansing System ~ I want this because I really need to step up my game on cleaning my face. My problem areas are my chin and top of my noise and no matter what I do the pores clog up again. This cleansing system is recommended by dermatologists and is safe to use on sensitive skin. That was my first concern as my skin can be very sensitive to abrasive cleaning. Has anyone tried this yet?

Midsummer Ear Crawlers ~ I have been obsessing over ear crawlers since last summer. I would find a pair and then the price would be way too much. I finally found a pair I love and the price point is perfect at $32! I love how much they sparkle and how the stones go from big to small! 

Kopari Coconut Multitasking Kit ~ Yes, another Sephora product...can you tell I'm a Sephora fan??!! I just starting hearing about this brand and now it seems like it's everywhere! I love the smell of coconut and anything that helps my dry skin. These four products are hypoallergenic which is great for all my sensitive gals like me! Need to have this set as well! 

Aubrey Off Shoulder Jumpsuit ~ So I have been wanting a jumpsuit for a very long time. I'm not sure how they would look on me but I think this one might work. First off, it's black so you can't go wrong with that. Second, it's off the shoulder which is huge right now. And third, it is under $100 ladies! Most jumpsuits that I have seen are a crazy amount of money. So when I first saw this one I automatically thought it would be expensive, but surprise! This would be a perfect look to go out to dinner in! Perhaps a birthday dinner??

Georgina Statement Necklace from Kendra Scott ~ I recently bought some pieces from Kendra Scott and I am in love! When I was at the Southern C Summit (read post here) I attended a Kendra Scott party and scored a gift certificate. I was able to buy a beautifull bracelet and necklace along with a travel case (post coming soon on jewelry! Stay tuned!). I just saw this necklace and knew I had to have it. I have a few statement necklaces from others but something about this one just makes it so pretty without being too overpowering. It comes in three shades but I think the gold stands out the best. 

Madison Crossbody by GiGi New York ~ So I have been a teeny bit obsessed with GiGi New York's bags. I bought a clutch from them not too long ago (see post here) and I absolutely love it. Now there are so many other things I want which is why I have three bags listed and can't decide which one I like the best! Which one do you think I should pick? This white one is gorgeous and I love all the little details such as the tassel zipper pull, that you can still fit your phone and keys in it, and that you can get it personalized with your initials. I also love the white which will go with so much! 

Jenni Saddle Bag ~ Here is the second choice. The saddle bag has been a popular choice and I love how it looks similar to the Chloe bag but at a much more affordable price! I like the Ivory shade in this bag as well. I noticed that I'm starting to like bags in more neutral tones as they can be more practical. Maybe that has something to do with getting older?! Ha! It does come in six other shades that are just as beautiful. 

Chelsea Crossbody ~ I couldn't help but pick Ivory again in this bag. It is just so pretty and classy looking! Perfect bag to have for a brunch out or going to a wedding! And the best part is that this bag is under $200!  Now do you see the predicament of trying to pick just one?

Hamilton Beach Drinkmaster ~ I am dying to have a milkshake maker! Whenever I'm out getting ice cream, I tend to get cups or cones and never a shake. Mostly because I like it made a certain way--thick! It seems that everyone makes shakes like water. Is it just me who hates that? Am I crazy for wanting my milkshakes like actual ice cream? I need to have this for the summer! It's under $50 too! 

Evelyn Mirrored Jewelry Armoire ~ Yet another thing I'm obsessed with...mirrored furniture. I just got a mirrored dresser from Joss & Main (no longer online or I would link it) and I love it. The next thing I need to get is this jewelry armoire because I have a ton of jewelry and no place to put it. I love how it looks so glamorous! It's also 49% off right now! How great of a deal is that! 

So many things to choose from! Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading!