Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Hi guys!! So I am engaged!!! (Technically since July 23!) If you saw my Instagram first, you read that I would share the details here on why I am announcing it now. First, I'll tell you the story on how it came about. I knew that we would get engaged before October, I just didn't know when. We had gone ring shopping over late winter/early spring so he knew what I had wanted. (Yes, I am that picky and particular about I wanted to pick out my ring and then he could get it or something very similar when the time came).

 Now, a week before July 23 which was a Sunday btw--we were still discussing the ring and that he was looking at different places to find it. He had said that we had to go to MA on that Sunday (July 23) to deliver a boat part for his dad (his dad is a commercial fisherman and this is not unusual as we have done it before). So I was like okay, no big deal. 

The day before that I had a graduation party to attend so on Thursday night I was painting my toes and he goes "why don't you get your nails done". Just FYI--it's not often I get my nails done. Usually just for my birthday, Christmas, and special events. So that kinda tipped my off right there but I didn't say anything and was still a little confused as we had just talked about him not even finding the ring yet. I definitely suspected something would happen that Sunday or even the following weekend which was his birthday. 

So on that Sunday before we got on the ferry, we had to stop by his parents house to pick up the boat part from his mom. That particular day the weather was actually a little cool out for July (I was wearing a sweater). Also, my allergies were horrible and I was battling inflammation of my eyes and had to wear my glasses--no contacts were allowed--so I was a little miserable that day. 

Once we were in Fairhaven, MA we decided to stop at the Fort Phoenix State Reservation. Again, this wasn't out of the ordinary either as we had gone here in January. This place is located at the Fairhaven-New Bedford harbor. The fort is in the era of the American Revolutionary War. The view is amazing when you walk all the way out to the end which we couldn't do in January because it was way too cold and windy so we took the opportunity to do it now while it was nice. 

So we walked out there and he was standing there for a while (turns out because he was waiting for people to stop walking near us) and then he proposed! He had told me that he called my dad (he lives in NC) and asked him and also went and saw my step-dad and asked him as well. It was totally unnecessary but he did it anyway and they were both really happy that he did that. He said my dad was almost crying! And FYI--there was no boat part in that box we picked up! Ha! 

Now for the reasons why I am announcing now. Well, that day I definitely didn't want pictures taken with my glasses on and nose all red from allergies so we were going to wait to take photos. Then my ring was too big (they wouldn't size it even though he knew what my size is--they said I had to come in). I wanted to wear it that day so I just kept my hand in a fist all day so it wouldn't fall off! 

The next day after work, we went to get it sized. They have to send it out so it would take about a week. I was suppose to pick it up on Wednesday August 2 but it missed the shipment and we were leaving to go away the next day and wouldn't be back until Sunday night. Let's just say my fiance and I were a little upset but what can you do. So I picked it up on Monday August 7. Then because we both work during the week and don't get home until late, we would need to have our pictures done on the weekend (plus he needed to get a hair cut lol).  Friday we had plans to go to Southampton and watch a movie in the park and Saturday's weather was not good so we took the above photos on Sunday with my uncle's girlfriend. We just wanted a couple photos of us at the beach. We didn't want to spend a crazy amount of money on professionally done engagement photos. We would rather put that money towards the wedding. So finally it is all out there now! 

We picked out the venue and date--August 11, 2018! I'm thinking about doing some posts on wedding planning as I go along--what do you guys think? What would you like to see?

Thank you all for reading!!