Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Little Fourth of July Inspiration

Hope you guys are enjoying your week so far! Here's a little inspiration for the holiday! Does anyone have any exciting plans? I want to hear about it! I think my uncle is having a BBQ but other than that nothing too crazy. I'm helping my boyfriend work on Sunday (he doesn't get off since it's his most busiest weekend) and then I go back to work on Monday and then I have off on Tuesday. 

Enjoy your day!!

1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 (on sale!) ~ 5 (less than $20!) ~ 6 ~ 7 ~ 8 (dress was literally on the site yesterday and now it's gone! Uggh! Similar items here and here) ~ 9

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Last Minute Father's Day Gifts

Happy Thursday! Weekend is almost here and for anyone who still needs ideas for Father's Day gifts, I got you covered! I pulled together some ideas based on the fact that not every guy is into sports or works a desk job and needs a tie. I sometimes feel like I am the only one who has a hard time finding gifts for my father, stepfather, and grandfather. They don't golf or play any other sports and they don't wear ties. My grandfather was a truck drive his whole life, my stepdad works on boats, and my dad has worked on cars his whole life. So when I see the same gifts being advertised every year that don't relate to my family, it gets pretty frustrating. Even finding cards is difficult. I went to Target and there was one...ONE...card for stepfathers! How ridiculous is that?! Does anyone else have a hard time finding gifts? Let me know! 

one ~ Birchbox ~ This is a great gift because I have noticed that more men are starting to take care of their skin and want products to try. You can purchase a gift subscription that includes four grooming samples and either a gadget or accessory. 

two ~ Coffee Mug Warmer ~ The person who came up with this is genius! What a great idea, right? I don't personally drink coffee, but my stepdad does and I know sometimes you pour a cup and then you get distracted or have to go take care of something for a few minutes and then now your cup of coffee is cold. (my boyfriend is guilty of doing this--I find cups of coffee all over!) So now if you place your cup on this holder and you walk away for a few minutes, it will still be warm when you return. Perfect! And it's less than $10!! 

three ~ Cordless Drill Driver ~ So if you are shopping for a guy who loves using tools whether for work or hobby, I'm sure they can use something like this gift. It's cordless which I know comes in very handy, it has an LED light to help see, and it's on sale when helps you the buyer out! ha! Home Depot has so many tools to choose from that you are bound to find something that meets their needs! 

four ~ Double Money Clip ~ If you want to get something small but personalized, how about this double money clip from Mark & Graham? They have such great gifts and they offer free gift wrap! One side is for cash and the other side is for credit cards. Perfect for the guy who doesn't use a wallet and needs some organization! 

five ~ Goodguys Car Show ~ If your dad loves cars like mine, why not surprise hime with a car show! I go down to NC every October to visit my dad and we attend this show. There are over 2,000 cars at this event! A car lovers dream! They have events scattered across the U.S. so hopefully you can catch a show near you! 

six ~ Jack Black Travel Set ~ So this brand is very popular on Sephora. I had bought the hand lotion for my boyfriend over the winter because his hands get super dry and it worked very well for him. This gift is for any guy who likes to take care of his skin but without all the girly scents! ha! 

seven ~ Lowes Gift Certificate ~ When all else fails, the easiest gift is a gift certificate. And being that every guy usually has a preference on wether they like Home Depot or Lowes better, I made sure to include both on this post.

eight ~ Mercer Travel Pouch ~ If you wanted to get a little fancier, you can get this monogrammed travel pouch. Any guy who travels for work or who needs something nice to put their products in when they go on vacay, would certainly appreciate this manly bag. 

nine ~ Portable Grill ~ This is for the guy who loves to cook on the grill even away from home! This comes in handy whether you are camping, at a sporting event, at a park, or at a car show! This is the perfect gift for under $50!

ten ~ The Man Can ~ Okay, I love this next gift just based on the packaging alone! How awesome is the paint can container! The skin products are all natural and a complimentary card is included with your personal message! 

I hope these gift ideas came in handy! 

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Hostess Gifts

Hi Everyone! Hope ya'll had a great weekend! It was finally warm and sunny out! As I mentioned before in my prior posts, we have been having crappy weather here...rainy, cold--I was still wearing winter clothes!! I seriously could not take it anymore. I was able to get out a little bit and enjoy this fabulous weather by doing my fave thing which is walking on the beach and getting beach glass! 

Now, you know what warm weather brings, don't ya?? Parties!!! It's that time of year when everyone is dying to get get outside and have BBQs, birthday parties, graduation parties, etc. I know how hard it can be to come up with ideas on what to bring the hostess of a party so today I am linking some great finds. Everyone seems to do the traditional route which is flowers, wine, beer but I thought these ideas are a little more personal and interesting. And if these don't work for ya, I'm hoping they inspire some other great ideas for gifts! 

Agate Coasters ~ How pretty are these? I think everyone can use coasters and these are just so unique.

Book ~ I think this is an unexpected gift and if you know your hostess is a reader, why not add a good book to their collection? This particular book is on my list to read! 

Cookie Jar ~ This is one of the prettiest jars I have seen and it's white which will pretty must go with anything! If you know their favorite cookies, make it even more personal by adding them in there! 

Darcy Tray ~ Everyone could use a tray for any part of their house. You have the coffee table, dining room table, kitchen counter, bathroom, bedroom dresser, a bookshelf, patio table, etc. They could use this for anything which is the best part. I love the neutal color and texture of this! 

Dessert & Baking Salts ~ If you know your hostess love to bake, why not add this collection of salts?! Such a great gift! 

French Lavender Gift Set ~ If your hostess is a woman and she loves the scent of lavender, then this is a fabulous gift! How pretty is this set already packaged up! 

Graphic Mug ~ I can't get over how cute these personalized mugs are! If you know a thing or two about your hostess, why not choose a mug that represents something they like? I love that it adds a personal touch to an simple gift. 

Meena Vases ~ I love how different these vases are. Even if you don't want to get flowers, just presenting these as a gift is enough as they are so pretty. But if you do want to add flowers to these, I think any kind of white flower would look beautiful and elegant. 

Infused Olive Oil Set ~ This is such a fantastic gift because I believe everyone needs olive oil at some point for cooking. This set comes with four differenet flavors to try. 

Gourmet Oil Dipping Spice Kit ~ I love a good dipping oil for my bread and in this kit there are 15 different spices!! There are even recipes located inside.  This is a great gift that they can use for themselves or even their next party dinner party! 

Reclaimed Wood Picture Frame ~ If you are thinking a picture frame seems blah as a gift, try getting a frame that suits their style and even adding a photo of you and the hostess or a photo of their family if you have one. It will seem more personal after that. I'm obsessed with the distressed wood look so the frame I linked is one I'm dying to get. If the wood is not suitable, Joss & Main has so many other gorgeous frames to choose from. 

Turkish Terry Towel ~ How gorgeous are these towels?! They just scream summer to me with those colors! You can also get free monogramming which is such a great personal touch and let's face it, we all need towels for something in our homes.

What are some of your gift ideas for parties? I'm all for hearing other ideas! Leave me a comment below!

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Express Times Two

Happy Wednesday! It's the middle of the week and I can't be happier because it's suppose to be warm and sunny by this weekend!  We have seen nothing but rain and cloudy skies and it's starting to get depressing! We have gotten a day here and there that's nice but then it just goes back to being cold and rainy. When is summer getting here?? 

Moving on to the clothes....I can always find a ton of stuff at Express. Tops, dresses and sweaters have always been my fave finds from there. Obviously ruffles are a big trend this season so when I saw the first top I immediately knew I had to have it! I love the added detail. On top of having the ruffle it also has the cold shoulder which I also love. I paired it with my GiGi clutch and my Gorjana necklace I received at the Create & Cultivate conference. (Love this necklace--it's one of my favorite things I received in my gift bag). As for the second top, I initally wasn't look to add more black to my wardrobe--I have enough black tops already--but I loved that it said Love on it! It was also light and flowy and well, I need more flowy tops for those bad stomach days so I used that as my reason to get it. Ha! I have also been wanting a body chain for about a year now. I wanted one to wear with tops and bathing suits and found this one on the site and not only is it pretty but at such a good price! Right now jewelry is Buy 1 Get 1 50% off!! 

First top ~ Ruffle Cold  Shoulder ~ Express

Here are some other ruffle tops I love: one, two, three 

Gold Necklace ~ Gorjana

Clutch ~ GiGi New York ~ my color is sold out but they still have the same clutch just in different colors ~ slighly different clutch but color is close to mine

Second top ~ Love Muscle Tank ~ Express 

Other graphic tees that are perfect for summer: one, two, three, four, five  

50% off tops and shorts!! (Exclusions apply) 

Star Body Chain ~ Express 

Stay tuned...I just order two more things from Express!

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