Monday, April 3, 2017

Fresh Fusions

Hey guys! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! It was finally nice out--not cold--no rain--so I was able to take some overdue pictures for the blog. 

Today I wanted to talk about this fantastic water bottle I ordered from Amazon. I am obsessing over it! The Fresh Fusions water bottle has this chamber inside that you put fruit in. You then pour the water in and it washes over the fruit. Letting it sit for 2-3 hours is the minimum recommendation and letting it sit overnight really sets the flavor. It comes in six different colors! I got the emerald as you can see. It's easy to use and also easy to take apart and clean.

When you order, you also receive the book of recipes. To clarify, you receive it in an email. I prefer having a hard copy in my kitchen so I printed it out instead. The booklet is loaded with facts and so many recipes. The first one I tried was the strawberry and lemon which was delicious. Next, I'm trying the raspberry and apple and then blueberry and lemon! Yum! It was so good and got me to drink more water. To be honest before this, I could only drink water that was ice cold (i freeze my waters) and would find it difficult to drink a whole bottle just because it has no flavor. I am one of those people that cannot drink plain water when eating food so I would have to force myself to drink water the rest of the time. Now that it's flavored with real fruit, it makes it very easy to drink more because I actually crave it! I love that I can take this anywhere I go. Whether I'm at work or running errands, this will be by my side. There's a lock on the lid so that it doesn't open up in case it falls over. It also comes with the matching sleeve to keep it cool. I love that it's big enough to put ice cubes in it when I want to chill it a little more. I'm so excited to go through all the recipes! The best's under $15! This is a must buy!!

p.s. Isn't this a great gift to get someone?!

Fresh Fusions water bottle 

If anyone has this or decides to try it out, let me know what you think in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by!!


*This post was not sponsored nor was this product gifted to me. I bought this on my own and opinions are 100% my own. I just really love this product! 

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