Monday, June 20, 2016

Recap of Weekend

Hi Guys! Okay, first I want to apologize for taking so long to do another post. I know it's been a week since my last one. I have literally had something everyday after work and the whole weekend and wasn't getting home until very late. This has been one of my busiest summers in a long time. I really wish this was my full time job so that I could have more of a set schedule with my posts and more content. One day!! There is literally never enough time when working a full time job already to do this but this would be my dream job so I'm going to keep going until I get there. I thought I would do a little recap of my busy weekend. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend celebrating Father's Day!

So the above is what I wore on Friday (to work and after). This is one of my favorite sweaters that I have had for years. The necklace I bought a few months ago from J. Crew. I love sparkly things and this necklace was too pretty with the colors and the bow on one side.

My friend (and co-worker) went out to dinner Friday night after work. We went to Deep Water Bar & Grille in Greenport. As you can see I got a burger with avocado. Yum! This place is nice with a water view from the second floor and live music. 

So obviously I am surrounded by beaches living on Long Island. This is one of my favorite beaches. I believe I've mentioned this beach in a prior post. Kenny's Beach in Southold. It is one of my favorites because it's in my hometown of course. Also, because I have come down here since I was young---quite a few high school parties at this beach--ahhh memories--lol--and the amazing sunsets. Can you not tell by this picture? It doesn't do it justice though. You definitely have to be there in person. I have no filter on this pic either! 

This is my friend and I hanging out at the beach during the sunset. Nothing like a girl date on a Friday night to get the weekend going. 

So we are now into Saturday. I did a 5K (walk) on Shelter Island. It is mostly known as the 10K for runners but I don't run. For me running is not enjoyable. I love walking and I walk pretty fast. So I along with other walkers/runners do the 5K part of it. Shelter Island is one of my favorite places. I definitely recommend it to people when they are out here visiting or just have never been yet. It is just so beautiful. We get to walk through residential streets and it's just so peaceful. This event is held every year in June. This was the 37th year. It is a lot of fun and I will definitely be signing up again next year.  

This is my only shot I took while walking. There were I think like 6900 flags they said that were put out for soldiers that had died while in Afghanistan. It was really great to see that. 

This was me after the race with my medal! Yay! 

This is my friend (and another co-worker) who did the race with me. We did not plan to both wear pink (with black pants I might add). Just happened! Very funny (for us at least) lol. After the race, they had the after party at Salt Waterfront Bar and Grill. I have been to this place before and loved it so I was really excited when I found out we were going here. They had a BBQ for everyone that participated in the race along with all kinds of food trucks. They also had a band and a DJ. I wish I had taken more pics when I was there but I was too busy dancing and having fun! You could also attend the after party even if you weren't in the race. Just an FYI in case anyone wanted to come out and visit next year's race. 

On Sunday in the early afternoon, my uncle's girlfriend and I went to Sparkling Pointe in Southold. If you are not aware, the North Fork is known for its wineries. I must admit, I am not a wine far. It must be my taste buds or something because I have not really found a wine I like. I definitely love sweet fruity drinks (and of course sweets!) so my mom suggested I might like fruity sparkling wines. There are only two wineries that I know of so far that serve those kinds of wines. This place being one of them. So we decided to do a little taste testing. 

We got to taste four different sparkling wines that range from dry to very sweet. I obviously didn't like the dry one which I knew before even tasting it. The sweeter ones were better, but still nothing to where I could drink a whole glass. Am I the only one in the world that can't get use to wine? Is there anyone that doesn't like wine? Leave me a comment and let me know! 

It was fun though to go and hang out. The wineries out here are really beautiful but I feel weird going when I don't like anything. I guess I could always just drink water. Haha!

After the winery, I then went to my step-dad's family's house and we had a BBQ. His family is big so it is always a blast hanging out there. People are in the pool, dogs running around, so much food everywhere! Sadly, I didn't take pics there either. I am going back in a few weeks for a grad party so I will take some pics then. I might even do a snapchat video! 

Well I hope everyone had a good start to the week!

Thank you so much for reading!


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