Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A little sparkle and wine

Happy Tuesday!
So for this post I'm doing a little recap. My friend and I went to Croteaux Vineyards in Southold. I absolutely love this place and need to go back again! I took some pictures, but have to admit I'm wishing they came out a little better. Lighting was a little tough with the sun/shade and since it's very small, it was hard not to get people in the shots as it was very busy there. Besides that, I just love the whole atmosphere. It's like you are in a little secret garden. It was just so cozy and cute. I like that it's not a huge place with 100 people there. It's very relaxing. 

 First we ordered the French sparkling pink lemonade. OMG!! I am obsessed! This was hands down the best lemonade I've ever had. It's just that delicious. We each bought another bottle to take home. (And they are not sponsoring me so this is just my opinion). A majority of the time when I have lemonade, it will bother my teeth (FYI-I have sensitive teeth) and they will start to hurt or make it difficult to chew anything after. Weird? IDK--does anyone else have that issue??? Moving on.... they served it in those cute mason jars with the adorable paper straws. How freaking cute is that! We also ordered a little snack which you see in that pic. Almonds, dried apricots, bread sticks, and four different types of cheeses. Delicious!!!

Then we ordered a tasting of their sparkling wines which came with three different types. I mentioned in a prior post that I'm not much of a wine drinker as I haven't found a wine I like...yet...I'm still trying. Must be something off with my taste buds! Ha! I feel like everyone in the world likes wine except me! Anyone else not like wine??? Or what is your recommendation of a wine for someone like me? I like sweet things so I have been trying the sweet kinds. Is that good? Bad? Let me know! I would have to say they weren't too bad. I think I kind of liked the last one I tried which is the one in the glass I'm holding. If you look at the picture of the menu of wines, it is the last one. The 'Jolie' Cabernet Franc Rose. And how gorgeous are those wine bottles!! I think I may just buy a bottle so that I have it. It's just too pretty. Oh, and I bought that glass I'm holding too! lol 

Next, on to the jewelry. That necklace and bracelet/ring is from Chloe and Isabel. I have bought a lot of stuff from them and have loved every item. Again, they are not sponsoring me either so everything I say is my opinion. And just to put it out there, when I do work with a brand, I will definitely state that in my post. Now, I have a specific girl (Hello Rachael Davey!) that I go to when I want to order something. I believe that when you want to purchase something, you will be connected to someone that is in your area like she is to me. They have such beautiful pieces so I recommend checking them out! 

Hope everyone is have a great week!


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