Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fourth of July Weekend Recap

Hey there guys! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Mine was most definitely busy and it has been crazy trying to get back to a schedule. I decided to share some photos from the weekend instead of a full on fashion post for today. I have another packed weekend with events in which I will share next week.

So last Thursday was my appointment to get my hair colored again. I am a natural brunette but I have been getting a red glaze for a year now and loving it. This picture to me makes it look more on the brown side but when I'm in the direct sun, it is totally bright. I really suck at selfies (for right now at least until I get the hang of it) but I wanted to try and get some kind of pic because the girl that does my hair loves curling it and I love curls! She did comb some of it out so that it looked more like natural waves and I like that as well. My hair is naturally pin straight and because it's long I don't always have the time to sit there and curl it, especially during the week when I go to work. Something about curly hair calls to me-I am obsessed! I just think it brings on a new look for me. Plus it gives my hair some volume which I love. I think I should have been born in the South with all the women who love big hair. :)

On Friday night I had a surprise birthday party to go to for my friend/coworker. I'm sad to say I have no pics from that night. I didn't take any and my friend that did, hasn't sent it to me yet. But despite the torrential downpours and thunder and lightening (the party was outside), it was till a good time. 

On Saturday I had run some errands and then did a little shopping. I bought this top awhile ago at Land Shark Unlimited. It was on sale for $10!! I can't get enough of nautical stuff so I loved the anchor on this and my fave part is that is says North Fork on it. If anyone is unfamiliar what that means, I will explain. So if you look at Long Island on a map, you will see how it "forks" out between a smaller body of water. Well one fork (where i live) is called North Fork where towns such as Southold, Greenport, Mattituck, etc. are. The other fork is called the South Fork where the hamptons are and if you have never head of the hamptons it has towns such as Southampton, Bridgehampton, East Hampton, etc. and it is where the rich and famous flock to during the summer.   

The above is one of my favorite meals at one of my favorite restaurants. How delicious does this look? I am seriously craving it again just looking at it! It is a cheesy risotto with asparagus, parsley, a little pepper and parm on top. The place is called Sweet Tomatoes and it is located on Shelter Island. If you have never heard of Shelter Island, it is between both the North Fork and South Fork (those were explained above-lol). You cannot drive here as it is surrounded by water. You have to get on a ferry either from Greenport or from North Haven to access it. The ferry only takes about 10 min. You can also walk on or take a bike. This restaurant is close to the ferry so I just walk on instead of paying the car fee and I would say it's about a 10 min walk. I think Shelter Island is absolute beautiful. I am hoping by the end of the summer or maybe even the fall do take my bicycle over and ride around the island. I tell anyone that they should visit here at least once and experience some of their restaurants as they have quite a few that are great.  

This is on my walk back to the ferry. They have a little path that connects down to the water. How pretty is this!! As you get about half way there is a bigger opening where there are some benches and you can just sit and relax. It is just so peaceful. 

On Sunday, my uncle had a BBQ at his house so my family and some friends came over to hang out. We had such a blast! I wish I had taken more photos, but I was probably a little busy have a few cocktails. ;) I had gotten this tank from Target. Funny story is that I saw this top in the store awhile back before the holiday but didn't get it. Then I saw it on someone else and then loved it even more and had to have it. So I went back and prayed they had some left. Initially when I went to the spot I had first seen them there was like two left in XL. I cannot even tell you how upset I was at myself for not getting it when I first saw it. Haven't we all been there ladies? So I continued my shopping and right before I checked out, I said to myself, let me just check around all of the other racks. Sure enough I found another spot where they had some other holiday tops and there it was in my size!! Hallelujah! I was soooo happy! You can see it here online but it is only available in stores. 

Hydrangeas are my favorite flower so naturally I had to stand near them! 

This is my best friends son--I love him to death!!! Look at that cute face!! <3

Every year Southold (my hometown) hosts the annual Fourth of July Parade. My aunt usually rides her horse in it, but this year she decided to take a break and ride one of my uncle's tractors. Yes, I said tractor. The North Fork is a big on farms and well it's country out here. So this is a pic of her on the red tractor and that is my half-brother (he's 16--yes we have a 17 year age difference between us) on the trike. The parade is a lot of fun and I usually attend this one pretty consistently. 

This was my outfit I wore on Monday. I actually had just bought that shirt (and the shorts...and well some other items too that I will post at a later date) on Saturday at a little shop called Creations by Lisa in Greenport. They don't have a website where you can buy the clothes unfortunately. It's in store only. But the link I provided gives you a little info about the store. I shop in here from time to time. They really do have some cute stuff and such affordable prices. Now, I do love my designer stuff but sometimes getting pieces like this that no one else might have and at a great price is hard to pass up. 

How cute are these shorts with the anchors on them! #nauticalyetagain

And well these pics are from last night and I couldn't decide which one I liked better. The first one with more blue in the sky or this one with more orange so I posted them both. And I did not put a filter on either of these. I thought it would take a way from the actual colors and well I sometimes I just don't like to use filters. Ha! 

Hope everyone had a fantastic 4 day work week! I wish every week was like this...well if I am wishing for anything, it would be for me to quit my job and do blogging full-time! LOL Someday!


*This post was not sponsored by anyone. All opinions are my own. 

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