Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Five Favorites

Hello, ladies! Okay so my sincere apologies as I think this is the longest I've gone without posting and I definitely feel terrible about it.  To do a little recap, I was away in PA for a couple days and then I had to attend a wake. So it has definitely been a little crazy to try and catch up on things and get back into some type of routine. I feel like there is never enough time to get everything done. 

I still need to edit two sets of photos so I decided to make this post a little different. Plus I thought it would be a great way to break up the fashion posts I've been doing. If you noticed the title, it says five favorites which means I will be telling you my five favorite things that I love. There is without a doubt more than five, but I thought that number was a good one to start off with. 

I don't know about you, but I love when bloggers do Q&A's and make lists of their fave things no matter what the subject is. I feel it's a great way to get to know the blogger on a more personal level and what makes them unique.

So here it goes....

1.  Reading  I absoulutely love to read. I was the one who actually read the books we were assigned to in school while everyone else read the cliff notes. Ha! I have tons and tons of books and I'm not exaggerating. I believe I have about 4-5 tote containers of books and those are the ones that I haven't read yet. Something about reading relaxes me and when I'm really stressed, it helps get my mind off of things and basically takes me away from reality for a bit. I will read about anything that piques my interest so it's hard to say if I have a favorite genre. Now we all know that books aren't exactly cheap so how I get all of these books is through To put it simply, you swap books with other members. It is the best thing invented! It has saved me soooo much money. If the book you want isn't available yet, then you create a wish list and when it becomes available you then get an email alert. You wanna know how many are on my wish list? 104! ha! I also want to throw in there that I have a subscription to about 12 magazines. Yes, it's an addiction. We'll leave it at that. 

2.  Collecting beach glass  Living on Long Island, I am surrounded by beaches. Especially on the East End where I am from/live. I grew up with having many choices of what beach I want to go to and a lot of them are as close as 5 minutes away. It's definitely something I have taken granted for in the past. I can remember driving from beach to beach in high school as those were the popular spots to hang out but the police would always chase us out so we would just drive to the next one. (There are not many things to do in my town as a teenager). Now the collection of beach glass didn't really start fully until the last couple of years. I had a few pieces here and there but as I got older and started walking on the beaches more often, I literally have become obsessed with trying to find pieces. I definitely have found some rare colors which I am so excited about. I have a few books (there's those darn books on beach glass and all their different colors and the rarity of each one. It's really exciting when you find a color that is not so common. 

3.  Traveling    I love going to new places. It is such an amazing feeling when I get to visit a place I've never been. I love seeing buildings, stores, and houses in other places and seeing what life is like at these locations. I have traveled (not too far) by myself before. I wouldn't say it's scary but rather it can by lonely at times because you want to share the experience with someone. I actually have a list (see number 4) of places I want to go to. I haven't counted lately but it's probably around 25 places. A lot are actually in the U.S itself. Some places aren't too far from me where I could make it like a weekend thing so hopefully I can cross those off my list soon. I do have to say though that I HATE flying. I seriously have to take something before I get on a plane-speaking of which-I think my prescription is expired :0  That is my sideways "oh no" face if anyone is trying to figure out what that is. Ha! Anyway, back to the story: I'm not sure what it is. Probably a combination of having a bad flight years ago, September 11, and the whole not being in control issue. So even though I dread it, I don't let it stop me from going anywhere because there are so many beautiful places I have yet to see and want to experience it all. Does anyone else hate flying? What do you do to relax? Let me know!

4.  Making lists  Okay so I guess this is my OCD coming out, but I LOVE making lists! I make lists for everything. You ready to hear what I make lists for??? Here it goes: grocery shopping (obvious), songs I want to put on my iPod, movies I want to watch, places I want to visit, things I need to put on my blog!, things I have to do on random days, things I want/need to get at any time, products I want to try at Sephora, books that I want to get, things I need to pack for when I go away, people I need to buy for at Christmas along with gift ideas next to their name. Do you get the idea? I know I have more lists somewhere but off the top of my head those are a few. Did I also mention that I have sticky notes everywhere too? I'm pretty sure I make the person who invented stickys millions the way I go through them. LOL They are literally everywhere! My car, on and in my planner, on my dresser, nightstand, purse, computer, and all over at my job (for those newbies reading, I am currently a Senior Credit Analyst). I'm addicted to stickys! Is there a group for that? Can anyone else relate?

5.  Car/truck shows  So I don't know how many girls will relate to this one but it's a part of my life and makes! To try and make this a short dad has always been into cars (for the record when I say cars I mean hot rods, classic cars, muscle cars...and when I say trucks I mean pickups and tractor-trailer trucks). He has always been able to build them from the ground up and is very talented. When my parents got divorced, he moved to NC and worked for NASCAR on the pit crews of Ricky Rudd and Elliot Sadler. He currently has his own shop and works on nothing by hot rods. My grandfather is a retired truck driver and my uncle is not only into cars as well and has had them growing up and still does, he also owns a few tractor-trailer trucks. So I love going to car shows and also truck shows. That's actually where I was this past weekend. I went to Carlisle, PA for the All Truck Nationals. My uncle, his girlfriend, our friends, and my brother went and had a blast. My uncle won a trophy for his truck and will have an article written up and featured in a paper that goes out to millions! It was my first time going to this specific show and I had a blast! Definitely going next year again. You basically use your hotel room to shower and sleep and that's it. We are at the fairgrounds all day every day so it wasn't very practical for my to bring my lap top (no where to plug in if the battery ran out). I think I need to get an Ipad--yes I currently do not have one--I probably should get with the times! It would definitely make blogging a heck of a lot easier when I do those sort of trips. Anyway, this is something I grew up around so naturally it's something I love. My senior pic (non-formal one) for high school was actually me standing on top of my uncle's Peterbilt truck. Hmmmm country girl perhaps?? haha And I also want my own 69 Camaro, 71 Chevelle.....and a few others. lol 

P.S. I know I said five things, but I am obsessed with ice cream, but that's a whole other topic! Just thought I'd throw that in there! 

So I hope you got to know a little more about me. I wold love to hear comments or questions from you guys! 


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