Monday, August 15, 2016

Not your basic tee

Hey guys! Hope your weekend went well! It sure was a hot one here! I'm all for summer as it is my fave season, but when you just walk outside and starting sweating....that's a little much. 

When I went shopping for a necklace in Violets Blue, I was surprised to find this shirt there as I don't really go there for the clothes. If you have never been to this store, please find one and go!! Seriously, you will be in there for an hour. They have amazing stuff! The site unfortunately doesn't show everything they have, including this shirt. :(  

 So I am looking around the store at all the pretty stuff they have and this shirt immediately caught my eye so I tried it on and loved the neutral color and how it was cut. I find that when shirts cut high on the sides and the dip down in the front and back, it is very flattering. This shirt is so easy to wear casually or dressed up. You can basically pair it with anything: jeans, shorts, skirts, flats, sneakers, sandals, heels. The options are endless!  

Shirt ~ Violets Blue

Jeans ~ Paige ~ similar here  

Shoes ~ DSW 

Bag ~ Courage B (old) ~ super cute one here  ~ more affordable here and on trend! 

Sunglasses ~ Ray-Ban