Thursday, April 21, 2016

Blush & Grey

Hello Girls! One more day until the weekend! Does anyone have exciting plans? I will be running some errands and catching up on blogging. If anyone notices, I post at night because I work full time during the week. Like I said in an earlier post, I hope to one day be doing this full time instead! Also, if you notice the background is the same in a lot of photos it's because Monday through Friday I am taking these pics on my lunch hour! Sorry! The weekends I have more of a choice on where the pics are taken.

So on to the clothes....blush & grey! So years ago I was not into pink at all but I've come around since then and now love anything in the blush color! I think it's an easy shade to wear and will look good on anyone. Plus the color seems to mix well with others: black, brown, navy, white, and of course grey.

 It has been windy this whole week so please excuse the hair. It was a hot mess!

I have to say I love this coat! It is one of my favorites! When winter approaches again you will see my collection of coats...yes, I have that many! A girl needs choices! So it has still been chilly in the mornings when I go to work but not so much where I need the heavy winter coat. This coat is just the right amount to keep my warm. I first saw this on Pinterest and knew right away that I had to have it and searched for it until I found it. Now, when I found this site, I was a little worried that it might be "cheap" in the sense that it was crappy, but I don't think that at all about this jacket. I haven't ordered anything else from this site so I can't speak for the rest of the clothing, but I was very happy with this so I may take a chance again. While I was just browsing on there I found some other cute blazers/coats that I may have to order!

I have to also talk about these jeans I just bought a few weeks ago. This is a new brand I tried as I am partial to my AGs, but I have to say these are really nice. They are flared which I only have about 2 other flare jeans so I needed another one naturally. They come super long and frayed at the bottom so that the person can get them hemmed to suit their needs. I always end up hemming my non-skinny jeans anyway because they are just too long for me even with heels! I am 5'5 and a 1/2...yes, I need to mention the half. I am the shortest one out of my mom AND dads side. How did this happen??! Anyway, they are a bit pricy but when it comes to jeans, I splurge as I find the quality better to suit my needs.

Jacket - Lookbook Store  Only $42! I am wearing US size 4
Shirt - old-from Gap a few years back -similar options here and here a little more pricey
Jeans - McGuire size 27 - Calypso St. Barth
Bag - old - Michael Kors they have a lot of similar black bags like mine
Shoes - DSW- similar here and here  
Clutch (loving this new find!)- Rebecca Minkoff- Amazon
Ring - Bought at Therapy Clothing in Southampton, NY (no website) similar here
Plain silver bracelet with hook - a gift
Pink and Grey beaded bracelets - bought in store at Molly Malone's in NC - so I tried a search for something similar and could not come up with anything that looked like these-I am definitely disappointed :( but I would have to say any blush or grey bracelet should be fine

Wow it is almost midnight! I will definitely be tired in the am-at least it's Friday!
Goodnight all!

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