Sunday, April 24, 2016

Random Sunday

Hello there! Okay, so I am doing a random post today with two different things hence the title.  It's a little bit of a short post, but this week I will get back the fashion stuff.

So I went out to dinner to Edgewater Restaurant located in Hampton Bays, NY. The drink is actually my friend's, but I did have a sip and it was amazing!!! I cannot remember the name for the life of me (sorry) but it did have Malibu Rum which is a fave of mine and coconut.  And do you see the bar top.... those dots surrounding the drink? It has lights in it that change color!   Yes, the little kid in me still likes things that light up. lol The calamari which was my app of choice was terrific! They have a great view of the water and outside seating when it is nice out. I will definitely be going there again this summer.

So Friday after work my mom and I went to a floral arrangement workshop by Roses and Rice at Clovis Point Winery. So much fun! My mom's is the top picture...yeah, she took classes for this when she was in high school--can you tell? Totally perfect. Mine is the second and third pics. I think mine looks a little more wild. I would love to do this again though. You got a free glass of wine and there were trays of fruit, bread, cheese, crackers, veggies. Yum!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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