Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Into the Woods

Happy Wednesday!
So sometimes every couple years I put on a fancy dress and do some shoots in different locations. I like to look back and see what I looked like and how I've changed and just to remember that time period in my life. I know when one day when I'm really old, I'll appreciate having these pictures. I really love photographs that are taking in some type of nature setting. I saw on Pinterest lots of photos with girls in beautiful dresses in forest/woods settings and loved them. So I thought why not try this and see how they come out. Does anyone else do this? Let me know!

Dress ~ Monaco ~ size small ~ Bought from Bella at Smith Haven Mall in December for $80!!

Searched for dresses like this but very hard to find exactly the same but I did find this one which is I think dramatic but could be a little pricey for some, this one which is only $32 people!!! You could totally add jewelry to dress this up! And....completely in love with this one but I believe it's considered a bridesmaid dress or even a bride dress in the other colors but hey, in black, who cares, right? But just a is expensive.

As you can see I like fitted dresses. I'm not much for a flowy type dress unless it's casual. Long, fitted, and maybe even a little on the dramatic side is my type. What kind of dresses do you all like? Leave me comments!

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