Sunday, May 15, 2016

Birthday Weekend

Hello Ladies!
Hope everyone had a great weekend! Can't believe it's Sunday night already. :(
So I had a crazy busy weekend and didn't get much photos in. I am sorry! Will get some in this week! Saturday was my and my mom's birthday. Yes, you read that right....I was born on her birthday. And for anyone that is curious...I turned 33. Ugghh! Not loving the 30s so far. Does anyone else wish they were back in there 20s? Leave me a comment!
So my friend/coworker came out and spent the day with me and then we had dinner. Today the family celebrated our birthdays along with Mother's Day since we didn't do it last weekend. Below are a few photos from Saturday my friend took.

The left picture is at Legends Restaurant. I mentioned this restaurant in one of my other posts. I wanted to go somewhere else that had outdoor seating but the weather started to not cooperate so I decided I was craving quesadillas again. The right picture was taken in Greenport on one of the docks. 

This picture was taken after dinner across from Legends in New Suffolk (Cutchogue).

Goodnight everyone!

Thanks for reading!!


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